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About Packaging Of The World Directory

From the creators of one of the leading packaging blog, Packaging of the World created this directory with the aim to be the most prominent packaging directory online.

Are you looking for a free, reliable, and easy to use packaging  directory? On Packaging of the World Directory you can access your business listing 24/7, add pictures and a description to it, and share it with others in many different ways. List your business for free in the Packaging of the World Directory and use this great opportunity to advertise your business for free!

Some of the main features of this directory are:

  • Search by business
  • Search by events
  • Search by location
  • Browse by map
  • Showcase listing with design works

This directory offers free reviewed business directories / events .
List your business now and take advantage of this opportunity to advertise your business for free!

Your listing :
✔ Improves your online visibility
✔ Put your business on the world map
✔ Expands your customer base
✔ Showcase your works
✔ Generates leads successfully

2 thoughts on “About Packaging Of The World Directory

  1. Magda says:


    I am very impressed with this design and I would like to contact the person who developed it

    Nestle Ice Cream Cup Bobblers. A sustainable ice cream cup which reuse the packaging as a toy. Packaging design by : JunFei –

    See reference

    Please let me know if you can connect us

    Thank you

  2. Tracy Smith says:

    I liked your blog very much.

    I want to thank you for the contribution.

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