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Is the basic listing really 100% free?

The answer is yes. Basic listings are 100% free of charge and your listing will be on the directory forever. However, you can choose to upgrade your listing to be a featured listing anytime you want.

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I did not list my business but it is on the directory

Good news! Someone had done the work for you! Listings can be added by anyone, it might be someone you know who added your business on Packaging of the World Directory. You can click on “claim listing” to apply to claim your business.

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How do I edit my listing?

Click on your listing > click on “edit listing”
You can
– Change your company name
– Change your address
– Change company’s details
– Add / Edit images
– Edit your company’s description

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Can I upgrade my free basic listing?

Click on your listing > upgrade listing
Choose to Feature on Homepage/ Feature on Category page for 30 days

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How do I edit / add images in my listings

Click on your listing > click on “edit listing”


Scroll down to “additional info” section


You can add up to 5 images

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