Metapes factory located in Zhangzhou, Fujian, China since 2004, has earned the wide reputation of producing and exporting quality of all kinds of adhesive tape at reasonable prices. Our commitment of maintaining standards and quality has enabled us to become a significant resource in all areas of the packing industry and application.

We have about 40,000 Square meters workshop area and 7 slitting machines, 5 cutting machines, 3 coating machines, 1 fully automatic packaging machine, and also developed an export office in Dongguan, China.

We are committed to design new products frequently and meet variety of customers’need. Production is carried very strict quality control guide lines at every stage of IQC, PQC, OQC and with daily production ability about 4 containers.

Our products range from BOPP packing tape, washi tape, stationery tape, low temperature tape and carry handle tape, protection adhesive tape, masking tape, double sided tape, duct tape, invisible tape and all kinds of other adhesive tapes. We provide all customers with custom-made service.

We are proud to have the following advantages:

• Strong Design Capacity
• Quick delivery
• Strict quality control
• Reasonable Cost.

Thank you for choosing Metapes!


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