A strategic agency focusing on packaging design and branding. A passionate team behind Étiquette brings different field experts together to create value for businesses while providing the most compelling packaging. We combine user experience, fresh global trends, and solid scientific knowledge to make it all work.

Let’s take a journey together – solid collaborations often begin with a consultation. We have lots of experience in auditing products, consulting on the tendencies of specific markets, analysis of package design, production and looking for the most innovative ways of printing.

Our aim is to work hard at finding a unique solution for your business. We analyse the market, category, trends and the portrait of a consumer, creating strategies for branding and positioning, legends, titles, logos, visual guidelines and the tone of communication upon request.

We’re delighted to welcome both big and niche brands. Every project is taken attentive care of, whether it’s coming up with a suitable strategy, modelling the contents of the package or the design, construction choices and printing. No loose ends.

Examining brand new technologies, communicating with production companies and printers is part of our thorough, regular research. We take very good care of every single step from preparing the files all the way to technical inspections and receiving your prints.


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