Paper packaging supplier, manufacturers, we produce paper sheets and paper bags (pastry, fast food, bakery..).

The paper gsm we are working is between 20 and 60, for each customer needs, from food industry, to fashion and shoes industry.

Currently we are working on national plan, but we are expanding in Europe as a supplier of luxury silk paper 20-24 gsm, for clothing manufacturers, working with brands such as Drykorn, Paolo Tonali, Peter Werth, Strandfein, and many more.

Some of the shoes industry we produced paper for are Batta, Benvenuti, Il Passo.

For the food industry we work with meat processed manufacturers, fast foods, bakeries, and more, each with his specific paper needs.

All of our products are ready to be created by our grafical designers, constantly working side by side with the factory employees, for the final product to meet the expectations.

As for the price range, all we can say is that our ex-work prices are easily the best in the European Union respecting all the quality and hygiene standards and laws.


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