The FormNation team label themselves Designtists. From technology to graphic design, the FormNation Designtists cross disciplines with a unified goal: to improve form and function in every day life. For example, consider Chairgenics: This ongoing design project aims to make all other chairs obsolete using selective digital “breeding.” In other words, the best traits of a chair are “breeded” to create the perfect elements in each new chair. Although technology is still catching up to this on-going project’s concept, Chairgenics has been published and exhibitited globally.

Working at the crossroads of design and technology, the Designtists elevate today’s standards with an eye towards the future. Whether it’s re-imagining IRS Tax forms (a W9 and 1040 makeover that garnered much press but was ultimately never implemented), or designing the E-ink phone (which proved black and white screens are both stylish and extend battery life), FormNation has earned a reputation for its ingenuity and its clean designs.

FormNation’s client list includes Adidas, KLM/Air France, Nasdaq, Kikkerland, Areaware, Karma, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Uberliss and Philips-Avent. Their work has been featured in world-renowned publications such as the New York Times, Wired, and Entrepreneur.


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