Graphic Buffet Company was founded on 9 September 2015 and offers a full range of services for website systems, including website designs for businesses and online marketing, sales promotions, commercial design and preparation on Facebook and Google by experts certified by Google from mini sites to large-scale websites, website prioritizing to make sure your website shows up among the leading websites on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, website updating services, website maintenance, domain registration services, web hosting, article authoring, photography/video content, packaging design with integrated products, online and offline advertising designs including direct marketing, LINE sticker designs and other direct marketing.
Firmly committed to quality, Graphic Buffet Company is steered by creative innovation and technological advancement to make a difference based on the principle of producing outcomes with our customer’s business goals as the starting point. This is the guideline for marketing promotions capable of boosting sales figures to yield benefits in line with set goals and build security for ongoing, sustainable brand growth.
And today, Graphic Buffet has been entrusted by a number of executives at leading companies or people who want to do online business to handle their media and web content design to support their businesses. We will maintain our standards and boost our working efficiency to deserve your trust.
Graphic Buffet designs packaging with integrated products. We also design packaging for food supplement boxes, soap boxes, cosmetic boxes and cream boxes with other packaging for foods and beverages, beverage labeling, product label stickers and tea packaging. Our packaging designs also include the design of all kinds of packaging logos with product packaging services, a full range of printed media by printing houses with offset and digital offset systems. We have no low class production. If you think of packaging design, we’re your first choice.
Design fees start at 20,000 baht
Unlimited revisions until you’re satisfied at no additional cost.


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