Lien Design is an award-winning branding and package design company based in San Diego, California.

Started in 1997, Lien Design has designed packaging for some of the biggest companies in the world, but also revels in creating new brands for energetic startup companies.

We work on the belief that good design isn’t merely about throwing together a “pretty package,” but that it results from a thorough examination of all design elements needed to create a solid whole product that exceeds client expectations. We operate knowing that the first impression of a product or service greatly weighs into the consumer’s chance of purchasing, and we take this fact into account on every design project we tackle—from creating small print advertisement to conjuring up an entire branding style guide from scratch! We know the value of producing a good logo, and we’ve been able to measure the quantitative value of our design collateral with many of our clients by measuring the increase in sales after the implementation of our work.

Our designs are backed up by a proven track record that can be measured in dollars and cents. That’s why you want the Lien Design team in your corner.


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