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We have developed a series of coffee products packaging with the concept ‘Art of Sense’. We designed a set of Chinese typography to express the process of the coffee infiltrate into water, the magical moment birth of a masterpiece. Turpentine Can are selected as a coffee bean container. This container associated with the feeling of old, industrial, and for all purpose toxic associations. We make use of it attractive shape, an airtight seal and something that unexpected. By using an uncommon source which makes the packaging beyond the traditional coffee packaging.
Inspired from ‘Bushido’, the code of conduct of the Samurai. Samurai built their principles on courage, respect, honor, and self-discipline, valuing these principles in both life and death. A Samurai helmet has been used to create the logo of Kuroganeya, which represented Kuroganeya inheritance the spirit of Bushido: based the high standard and conduct on their food and practice; represented honor, nobility and service. We chose a catch, sharp name, powerful japanese calligraphy of Kuroganeya, giving a strong confidence to the brand value.We were commissioned to design the visual identity for XO from logo, typography, navigation, signage to wall decoration. The logo design was inspired from the essential office equipment, paper clip. We made use of the forms of paper clip to create a set of custom made typeface, every alphabets were coherent with the XO identity. A unique set of color combination has be adapted to consistent with the whole office environment,  The main lobby wall was designed with the concept of “The year of great man”. We chose the most successful business person with a significant quote, it aimed to give an encouragement to people, remind them to fight for their goal.We designed a cup set which inspired from the japanese drawing ‘Fujin Raijin-zu (Wind and Thunder Gods)’by Tawaraya Sōtatsu and ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’ by Katsushika Hokusai. The significant elements are selected to represent different cup: Expresso cup represented by the devil; Cappuccino cup represented by the thunder god; and the Latte cup represented by the wind god.High Success is a red wood manufactory company, from raw material, process to end product, target to sell via distribution outlets all over China. With high quality of traditional hand craft skill, they are not just to work out the traditional Chinese red wood furniture, but also started to develop red wood furniture into western style.


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Never-Never is a Hong Kong based design studio, committed to originality and quality ranging from identity, print to multi-media design. Our design approach based on artistic experimentation and systematic design structure with emphases on craftsmanship and balance between function and forms.

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