Polygonal is a design studio and 3D visualization for product, packaging and luxury brands. As a basic aspect of product marketing, the image of these, should exalt all properties and qualities that make it unique and different about others, its design, shapes, materials, textures and colors are very important at the moment when trying to obtain a high quality image of great impact and it is precisely these benefits that you can obtain through the generation of 3d images.

High Impact Visual Narrative

The great challenges of current advertising demand the use of innovative and effective techniques or processes, where the implementation of 3d images give product advertising a quality, detail and perfection impossible to achieve with traditional photography, eliminating the logistic barrier of equipment displacement and costly fees to the simplicity of a sketch with a small description of materials and finishes.

Digital prototypes

During the design stage of the packaging, the 3d visualization allows us to recreate the product before being produced by achieving sizing and evaluating the proposal at a very early stage, it can even be used for exploratory marketing studies constituting this in an advantage that reduces costs and development a priori.


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