ProLV Design is a creative Design Studio founded in 2009 that provides a wide range of custom graphic design services with high accent on quality and originality.


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  1. Hello there, nice to meet you. I had a question which I was hoping you might be able to help me with – I was looking for a printer in Budapest who could undertake a print trial for a wine label which I have designed. I was wondering if you could recommend one for me? So it is basically packaging mock up’s we are looking for.

    Basically we are working on a new Tokaj brand so the client is in Hungary.

    The design is almost final but in order to make the final decision we want to see the labels actually printed using spot varnishes and a metallic foil option also. We also want to see a variety of label colors. We also want to test some nice paper stock. Its a premium Tokaj so it needs to ‘feel’ very premium.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated


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