Stag&Hare is a branding and design agency based in New York City with satellite offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta, London, and San Francisco. Committed to helping brands craft their visual stories through smart strategy and powerful design, our work has enabled brands – from Georgia-Pacific to IHG to Coca-Cola to ABSOLUT Vodka – to engage and activate their brand communities.

We’re a multi-disciplinary team of strategists, designers, art directors, and digital producers that come from a diverse range of branding and advertising agencies. Our unique mix of talent allows us to explore assignments from different perspectives, resulting in evocative brand experiences that connect with consumers on all levels and transcend all media types. Through visual storytelling we foster the engagement, loyalty, and conviction that activates customers and strengthens your brand community.

Our team understands the fast-paced, integrated approach needed for today’s brands, which is why we’re positioned as a small, seasoned, and flexible team that works quickly, efficiently, and collaboratively. Stag&Hare’s unique approach results in broad, yet brand-focused outputs, from brand strategy, brand identity and design language to the development of digital solutions, retail experiences, and collateral materials.


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