At TransPak we do it all, no need for multiple vendors. We can help you from start to finish – concept, design and production.

At the TransPak – Global Design Center, we design, engineer and build packaging from the inside out to suit your product and business needs. From all the creative to eco-friendly options and everything in-between, we’re here to guide you in creating the best possible packaging solution. Taking care of the smallest package details to ensure your product has a safe global journey, effective shelf presence, and an engaging out-of-box experience is our specialty.

We start every project with a materials-neutral approach—meaning we select the right materials for your specifications and product, not just whatever is on hand. The proper structural design of your packaging will not only provide your product protection, but it can also:
Reduce material costs, shipping costs and fuel usage—while shrinking your carbon footprint—by using eco-friendly materials and less material overall. Reducing your carbon footprint increases your margins!
Create visually striking structures that differentiate your product from the competition.
Create an out-of-box-experience that dazzles your customers.
Help build your brand.
No matter what, we always design to reduce costs, unless you request otherwise.

Thousands, if not millions, of eyes will be on your package during its lifespan. The proper branding, colors, and quality of your packaging will well represent you and your product. TransPak’s designers, industrial engineers and network of graphic artists and branding experts will ensure your package leaves a lasting impression with:
Branding, logos, color-accuracy and consistency
Concept creation for product packaging and display
Redesign of existing packaging

With our original design concepts drawn to fit your specifications, TransPak brings these designs to life by engineering prototypes to test in the real world, before we go to production. This ensures a perfect fit for your product every time. Our engineers consider every facet of the package in order to:
Safeguard against potential problems during production and shipping.
Provide detailed specifications so your package can be produced anywhere in the world with consistency.
Consider the whole life cycle of the package, whether it’s reusable or it needs to be broken down and recycled.

Our more than 60 years of service and expertise fuels innovative and strategic packaging design and engineering to suit any project, no matter how complex or critical. Give us a call.


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