The Studio
VOLTA is an independent Branding & Design studio based in Porto.
We design meaningful, immersive brands and experiences, integrating different disciplines in both physical and digital channels to overcome communication and design problems.

We call our work process Brand Shaping: an approach to brand creation that can only succeed if a true creative partnership is created with our clients, their needs and their ideas .

Our daily goal is to create true and impactful brand experiences, that will set the brand and its promise apart from its competitors and closer to its audience. In order to achieve that, we set our quality production standards very high, devoting a lot of time to the perfect execution of our ideas.

We like to work with a varied selection of clients, from small startups to big and established companies, delivering projects that look to make a difference. Our flexibility and experience, blended with a constant desire to learn new areas of expertise and breaking out of our comfort zone are key points for our success.


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