Founded in 2000 we have been gaining experience and continuously mastering our skills.


Task analysis and suggesting solutions
We carry out a visual analysis of the competitive environment in order to identify the main leaders in the sphere and determine the direction for external identification of a new brand. We define the concept and choose the best way to deliver graphic information using package design.

Trade mark development
To create a brand name, we develop an original font style and, if necessary, enhance its recognizability with a sign, character, coat of arms or illustration. Competently developed trade mark is the key element of a successful package design.

Creating design elements
– staged photos, allowing to illustrate the nature of the product in the most effective and reliable form
– author’s illustrations, creating a unique and original image
– infographics that helps to convey important information to the consumer quickly and easily
– characters to personify the brand

Package and label design development
Package design informs the customer about the product, its properties, advantages and price range. The appropriate type largely determines the choice of the customer.

Preparing design layouts for printing
We adapt the design solution to the technology and features of printing on certain materials. Actively developing technologies enable us to implement the plan in many different ways.

Printing process control
We communicate with specialists of a printing house and, if necessary, modify the files for the highest quality of printing. As a result, the final files are transferred to the client in the best possible way for subsequent editing and replication.


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