We would like to present ourselves as a possible right partner to supply you with our 30 YEARS’ experience in PACKAGING DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE.


ALFACAR – CARTONAGEM, Lda is a Portuguese company , that has invested a lot in HR, hiring and training some of the best professionals in the market, and in an industrial park with the state-of-the-art regarding packaging production technology.


We made this investment with the vision to assert ourselves as one of the Best European main players in the market of the customized development of rigid carton packaging (Rigid Box).


With minimum order quantities that can range between 1500 and 2500 units, we believe we can offer an integrated turnkey service, very competitive in the quality / price binomial.


In a business world, increasingly standardized and global, it is important to think about how we want to distinguish ourselves from our neighbor, how we want to preserve our uniqueness and make a difference, whether by presentation, design, functionality, or any other feature.


The choices are so many … how do I choose my product?


Can I delight and surprise consumers?


How can I improve the shopping experience, making it more enjoyable for my client?


Can I extend the customer’s sense of satisfaction with the purchase of my product?


Packaging and Alfacar’s Innovation, Design and Development Services are a great way to give a proper answer to these questions!


Alfacar intends to be a business partner dedicated to the product enhancement, whether it is obtained through the Custom Design and Development of a packaging appropriate to the product status, or through the functionality that the packaging contributes to the product packaging, storage, exhibition or even in its after-sales use, the mission is always to enable our customers to evolve in their value proposition which they offer to the market.


With an investment in cutting-edge technology, at the level of the best that is done around the world, Alfacar is prepared to establish successful partnerships for brands that truly bet in their image and differentiation!


Please contact us through our email contact exportamais@alfacar.pt ! We would be delighted in schedule a meeting or a video conference, so you can know us better and maybe discuss some ideas for your product packaging.

We look forward to hear from you soon!

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