ALIA Overview
The primary goal of packaging design is to attract customer’s attention by communicating what the brand stands for. Provoking emotions and connecting to the brand is consequently an integral part of the packaging design. With this realization becoming stronger among the brand creators, packaging is becoming more and more complex in terms of structures/shapes, innovative substrates, variety of inks and printing technology, to which a design must respond and adapt. Time to market, accuracy of delivery across multiple substrates and culturally diverse geographies, all of this also tax to the best of brand management infrastructures.

It is this challenging situation that demands a specialist approach towards premedia management for packaging. ALIA, being the largest Premedia organization in India, in the packaging landscape defines ‘Packaging Premedia’ with its unique model of business that brings the print accuracy of client’s packaging communication maintaining the turnaround pace – ‘Speed to Market’.


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