Back in early 2007 I was dabbling with website design and SEO with a dream that I’d had since the 90′s to provide creative direction to my own design firm. I needed a niche – something to stand out with, and that I could be passionate about.

It seemed clear to me that society at large was going green. Not just the fringe like in the 70s and 80s. Corporations were actually putting money towards it. Moreover, material suppliers pricing of green products was getting more reasonable. There was no green exhibiting company then. Even today it’s hard to find truly green displays or furniture.

I also needed a name that was clever, memorable, and that could strategically boost my SEO on Google. Napster was a start up that shook up the music industry. I too wanted to change an industry, so I added “ster” to the word “booth” and came up with boothster, and began building my site.

Those close friends that have ever looked over my shoulder when I’m working know that I’m just a touch above clueless when it comes to technology. So, I admit, I started the company with a $50 lesson on website design. I literally built the site with my own bare hands, with several key phone calls from childhood friend Rye Armstrong at Avtec Media, who later became our key web ally and whom I attribute much of our online success.

Within a couple of weeks I almost lost it when a potential client found, and offered an opportunity. Are you kidding? My strategy actually works? Then another came in. And another. From day one it was design hustle. Draw a picture that a client is willing to pay for, and execute on it – or don’t eat. That is the passion and hustle I have lived with every day.


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