It is a term related to botany, which encompasses great qualities that we take as values for our company. It is a tissue that covers the roots and allows them to work their way through soil without breaking. It is an essential component which helps to the growth, gives life and makes all the plants evergreen: from the smallest to the biggest ones.  On the other hand, “caliptra” is the flower cap of the vine, which anticipates and guarantees  the quality of wine.

We are a company specialized in branding, packaging and planning that accompanies its clients through all the stages of the development of their projects: from the valuable initial idea to the satisfactory introduction on the market.

Our work methodology consists in creating strong ties with our clients, participating in their projects, feeling them as if they were our own and becoming real strategic allies that walk together along the path to success.

Caliptra is a perfect synthesis of creativity and professionalism, with tendency to teamwork which accomplishes, from the interdisciplinary approach and the diverse contribution, to manage your project from all possible edges, in order to build sound, coherent, functional, innovative and aesthetic ideas.

Our clients include visionary people that take the step from the insight to the factual level so as to reach their goals.


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