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// What I do:

Specializing in fresh, unique, or timeless designs, Djobadze focuses primarily on package design whether it be a 3D box carton style or a sticker label to go on to a jar, bottle, or box. Ideas are unique and fresh, so standing out from the crowd is something you can expect. From prototype concept to drafts, and then finalized artwork, your artwork is quoted extremely competitively to assure you are getting the best bang for your buck! Seriously! I vow to beat your current pricing for labels and boxes as well as increase the quality of the material and/or increase the number of finishes like foil stamping or embossing, etc. Make sure to give us or me a try as I will not let you down! I am not just a service or product you buy, but a partner to help catalyze success & sales for your company! 

Creative from the start, engineer by heart.


// Other services:

Custom design (branding & identity / digital / print / film & editing / package design / traditional art / typography / motion design)

Creative strategy (campaign concepts, innovative ideas, trendsetting for a particular category or niche or whatever your trying to ‘redefine’)

Creative direction (keeping your company’s brand consistent & cohesive to where the origins are not lost, but perhaps the future can be redefined ever so better as new information is gained.)

Copywriting (creative writing for marketing purposes)

Concept creation / ideas (unbiased, trendsetting, progressive, universal, positive in nature)

Consultation (advice, in many areas from design, to life, to situation based… I am always happy to give the best logical reasoning backed by well understanding of psychology, science, the subconscious mind, and perception.)

Print services (I aim to beat the current price you are paying for any print material or custom printed anything! This is going to help you save money while also increasing quality/design/print finishes on whatever you are getting printed. I ensure quality is controlled and met to your satisfaction. Also provide consistency in this. This goes for stickers/labels/carton/boxes/tin cans/marketing promotional items ranging of various items: tshirts/pins or lapels/toy figurines/pens/flyers/brochures/business cards etc etc)

Solutions to things. Period. But more so, solutions to problems in life or in work environments (damage/quality control, logic, ego-free thought processes. I also provide life coaching or team building to boost morale. Wisdom for our soul and life.)

SEO + digital marketing for lead generation and conversions (this applies to websites and if you need social media marketing that is possible too or if you need custom built app/API driven mechanism for website that can be provided as well,. *This is a service I outsource but have some familiarity, just not enough to do a job with confidence*)

Humor + positive energy (they say laughter is the best medicine. I can agree with this statement.)

Ability to learn new things. Whatever it is. Whatever the problem or situation. I would love to learn about it and find the best outcome to a positive and growth oriented solution.




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