EREDI CAIMI s.r.l is specialised in the supply of final packaging systems and materials of products. It has offered its wide—ranging expertise to a great variety of companies over the last fifty years.

Its task is to analyse wrapping and packaging requirements and then suggest the best and most advantageous solutions such as a plan for the management of sales and purchases in order to ensure the optimum scales of economy required by modem business management standards. The company has embarked on an ambitious business development plan involving all its internal departments as well as its commercial network. It is committed to expanding its area of operations and providing an even better level of highly qualified expertise ready to intervene promptly so as to cater for the packaging and delivery requirements of its customers.

The many flattering declarations of trust from both old and new customers were among the reasons which led EREDI CAIMI to adjust Its commercial services. These customers know that the technical and professional skills provided can often lead to savings and from there to the optimisation of particularly advantageous systems and methods.

EREDI CAIMI s.r.l. is well aware of the need to ensure its services keep up with the ever evolving requirements of the companies it works for which is why it is committed to constantly updating all of its packaging supplies. By even greater rationalisation it has enhanced the availability of stocks ready for delivery thereby providing a tailor-made service to each and every customer. It is only logical therefore that the company has been ISO 9002 certified.

EREDI CAIMI is aware of the value which this certification attributes to the quality of the structure and operations of the company and indeed to its own customers. Itis now looking toward to establishing new contacts and is confident it will be able to prove its reliability.

Our working philosophy can be summed up as :


The relationship we establish with our customers is based on meeting their requirements. We actively engage with them with a view to finding the most suitable and advantageous solution.


Our knowledge of traditional as well as highly innovative and modern wrapping and packaging techniques enables us to advise and make suggestions. We can truly say without presumption that imparting our knowledge to customers comes to us naturally and is part of the service we


A cutting edge, rational business organisation is key to guaranteeing the highest possible level of service supply reliability.


By participating and engaging fully we become familiar with the wrapping and packaging issues of our customers and are therefore aware of their real needs.


The reliability of our services is a guarantee enabling you to achieve savings in strategic production and logistics.


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