Feroz is a design and brand consultancy covering a diverse range of specialties ranging across brand identity, art direction, packaging, editorial and digital design. Our goal is to create new brands and revitalize existing ones, help companies, organizations or people to grow their businesses through design as a powerful tool, converging strategic thinking with the genius of instinct. That’s why our name: Feroz equals untamed.

It is said that animals are guided by their instinct and humans by reason, something that supposedly makes us more evolved creatures. However, we integrate reason and instinct in our DNA because data have the same value as curiosity or attraction for us: good design aims to relate function and beauty. Every client has a story to tell, that not only speaks of their products, services and purely logical elements but also their emotions, capabilities and aspirations to change the world. We form a team with our clients in the design process creating an appropriate space to observe, share and listen to understand their needs in order to find the right strategy.

Our drive to explore and investigate is present in all our processes using curiosity to get ahead of the rest. We touch, test, shake and investigate to understand and dominate the ecosystem of our clients, escaping the dominant spaces to create an own universe and make revolution. This blending of skills, knowledge and method to our instinct makes us authentic and vibrant.


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