FibreForm Packaging is a Swede-Italian joint venture owned by BillerudKorsnäs and Curti Costruzioni Meccaniche S.p.a.. It has been set up to develop and market a new type of paper packaging concept, called the FreeFormPack™.

FreeFormPack™ is an inline packaging system.

FreeFormPack™ is a leak proof fibre based container formable in 3D.

FreeFormPack™ gives designers and brand managers the possibility to create unique shapes and forms.

FreeFormPack™ is an efficient and very flexible industrial packaging method suitable for non-liquid food markets and all non-food markets.

FreeFormPack™ consists of a laminated and printed mouldable paper FibreForm® and the moulding machine PAM/BOM™. FibreForm Packaging also adds a range of services to its offering such as machine service, supply chain service as well as tools and spare parts.


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