What drives us? It is to make design relevant to every type of opportunity-finding and problem-solving exercise. Over the years, we have painstakingly built an organisation which can combine these capabilities to address a very wide range of innovation challenges.

Graphics, communication and understanding of production processes and the printing industry combines with design research to create a strong Branding capability. Industrial Design, engineering, materials knowledge, very strong prototyping skills and years of experience with mass manufacturing makes us capable of delivering product development that is finely empathetic to human needs.

As a consequence of having played the role of ‘change catalyst’ in innumerable projects, we are able to consult our clients on Strategy, Innovation and Research initiatives to discover new opportunities. It is this potent bunch of capabilities and a strong ecosystem of digital support which is coming together in our latest offering of Service Design.

Today, we’re two companies, IcarusDesign and IcarusNova – 50 strong and sometimes quite headstrong. What we always bring to the table is a point of view!


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