We are a branding design company located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Since 2011, we’ve used the power of design to help brands from different countries around the world develop their identity, create engaging packaging and gain market prominence. Our mission is to bringing brands to life and creating unique experiences, memorable logo identities… unique packages for any kind of industries and bold designs for any type of ideas. We are devoted to sustainable design that has positive environmental and social impacts. That’s why our greater projects are created for international companies and foundations, through strategic design for environment and sustainability of our habitat and weil of live.

Iconic is a graphic design studio based in Sofia, which specialise in the creation of exceptional design and branding for all kinds of organizations in any industrial or commercial sector. Moreover, our design work is done with print effects in mind from the start, all necessary technical aspects of production are taken into consideration during the design process.
Our main mission is to fully integrate all working processes – from creating initial ideas to finished print products. The primary goal of the creative design department is to always provide good contents in order to acquire the attention of the specific target audience. We convert concepts and ideas into tangible design solutions. Ergonomics, Ingenuity, Contemporary Aesthetics and Quality are the primary pillars of our philosophy.
The primary goal of Iconic is to seek, find and analyze all new technologies which can open new directions to the innovation of graphic design, printing and production fields. This phase is extremely vital especially for the creation of a new concept and brand design for our clients. Here, at this point we not only develop a deep understanding of our customer’s business values and aims, but also build strong relationships with them in order to fully fulfill their expectations


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