Thank you for taking out your precious time to learn more about us:

Means a lot to us – melts our hearts really. Like, you could have seriously gone anywhere. It’s the internet! But you chose to stick around here, with us! Clear signs of a great character you exhibit, sir. You are beginning to impress. The onus of justifying your decision (and not boring your wit out) is unconditionally on us. So without further trumpery, let’s dive into our nomenclature:

Impacticon – Name Calling

(Pronounced as IMPACTICON, not Impact Icon. And definitely not Impacti CON)

We call ourselves the Impacticons – yes sci-fi inspired, monolithic and an overall gargantuan attempt at identifying yourself in an industry full of names that are more “solution-oriented”, “IT-serviceable” “business-continuity-planning-intensive” and other random mixes of techy jargon.
But wait, we are not one of them. We are a different pack – one that sets and doesn’t follow. One that inspires and doesn’t negotiate with IMPACT.
Our Vision

We seek to revolutionize ad marketing as we know it in Pakistan. We don’t want to be another ad agency out there – we aspire to be the other ad agency. “The Other” in a Hollywood way of construction.
Part of what we want to achieve is through spreading awareness on the necessity, scope and relevance of branding among local businesses. The way we are right now, it’s clear branding exercises are a little miscalculated and somewhat ill-conceived in Pakistan. We sincerely believe this can be changed if the benefits of branding and digitization are explained out well.
As we go about it, a little personal goal is to migrate toward the best versions of our own selves.

Agency Culture:

We engage our whole team when we brainstorm for creative ideas because we believe no one holds the authority over ideas (that is to say that anyone can come up with great idea). No egos involved.
We believe in motivating one another every day, reminding ourselves that we have the most complex form of talent-chips embedded into human bodies and sent down to earth to make an Impact.
We do our special little things to keep creativity flowing within our individual beings as well as at our workplace. More on this here (it would be a hyper link soon)
Around here, it is a non-negotiable requirement for everyone to learn A Lot every day. Perhaps the most important goal we set for our team members is to be the best versions of themselves.

Core Values:

Look at our stream from the top and you see a pack of bubbly, hyperactive and rather incredibly young visionaries. But deep down these eccentric waves, the ocean is all full of responsibility.
Every bit of work extracted from here is a pearl of care. We brand as you as honestly as we would brand ourselves.
And finally…
The most awaited part. Behold the introduction of the freaks behind IMPACTICON


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