Our team at International Direct Packaging is exactly that. Direct Packaging manufacturers delivering the highest quality in luxury retail packaging without a middleman, which means we don’t source factories.

We are the factory.

In fact, we own factories in China and Indonesia producing rigid and folding boxes, luxury shopping bags, bespoke cartons, and retail packaging accessories for global retail brands.

We implement uniform production protocols to defend you against supply chain disruption risks. From the known to the unknown, our robust risk mitigation strategies and response speeds are part of The IDP Group’s DNA. Because of our uniform factory protocols, we’re able to easily move packaging manufacturing from China to Indonesia, control budgets, maintain quality assurance, all while managing timelines.

We understand that the world of retail moves fast and delays are costly if not devastating. At The IDP Group, we strive to deliver the highest quality in luxury retail packaging without a middleman, thus reducing production costs and delivery time. Our transparent approach to the design and manufacture of packaging includes delivering custom packaging direct from our factory to global warehouses or direct to individual storefront locations.

The IDP Group makes collaboration simple with offices across Europe and North America while managing production processes locally. Our team of packaging professionals will create custom packaging solutions bespoke to your brand and craft memorable unboxing moments for your clients.

Our responsibility extends beyond your packaging as we’re committed to safe and sustainable production practices globally. We’re ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, and FSC certified in China and Indonesia as well as regularly CSR audited by major clients. If you’re a luxury brand and we’re not currently working together, we should be.

Let’s schedule a conversation to better understand how we can help support your growing brand.


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