In 2004, BurgopakUSA — an award-winning global design firm — launched in the US following the expansive European growth of the Burgopak Slider. Built on dual strengths in packaging design and engineering, our goal has always been to give customers the ultimate in complete packaging solutions.

In 2012, BurgopakUSA undertook a strategic merger with Jansy Packaging — a powerful global packaging supplier. This partnership improved our capabilities and customer service three-fold:

  1. This partnership strengthens our supply base.
  2. It expands our already broad access to extremely competitive and capable manufacturing partners.
  3. And it adds to our global lineup of designers and engineers.

Today, we promise and deliver the best production solution to any packaging problem. We utilize a worldwide manufacturing network to inspire designs without limitations of materials or methods. We have people in every region who guarantee quality, while driving consistent and timely product supply. And with warehousing facilities in New Jersey, Chicago and Los Angeles, we offer JIT delivery with the cost savings of offshore production.

By leveraging our London, UK heritage with a USA team, we’ve built a packaging design business focused on one simple but enduring principle: Practical Creativity™. Through successful application of that principle, we’ve become a key creative and manufacturing partner to a wide range of world-class brands, including P&G, Starbucks, LG, Jawbone, Nike, and more.


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