Packaging plays an important role in marketing a product and it often defines the performance.
Let your imagination runs wild with our diverse high-value effects to increase your competitive advantage and enhance the appeal and performance.
We carry a vast array of paperboard, metallized board and transparent packaging supplies of different shapes and sizes.

If you are looking for something unique, you may want to use our Special Effect Converting and Finishing. We have a collection of different effects from metallic to hairline, hologram to glow-in-the-dark, Pearle scent to shimmer, etc. – using a combination of our core values and competencies of EFFECTS.

We have the expertise to provide comprehensive approach for design from package shape, material, and size to colour and visual effects that are neatly scrutinized to revitalize the packaging image for the present and future. The link that actually delivers product to consumer is an impressive package.
Our state-of-the-art technology and proprietary know-how competency strengthen your packaging identity with uniqueness. The fantastic combination of our core values and competencies of effects is an added credit to immediate visual recognition. And we are express in effect design development, thus leaving a chance for you to stay on top of others.
We develop and customise functional package design system and style guides with distinctive concerns of tailored material converting, graphic architecture, and brilliant print with good selection of shades from the lustrous and vibrant colour palette and high value finishing effects. The integration of creativity, technology and production skills in the realization of differentiation strategy is not easily replicated.
We have a hose of combined manufacturing processes with high level of revolutionized engineering and expertise in collaboration with skill in designing products that keep away from imitation. We ensure our customer’s packaging is always ahead of its competitors. This is an attribute of our proprietary know-how.
Kinta Press & Packaging is ever-moving into new concepts with infinite on-coming value added features readily for customer who needs change. The strategy of differentiation and focus in tailored requirements ensure customer’s product stand out smartly of its competitors. It is all embedded in the product design package.
It is twice as nice to work out new packaging for our customer.


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