I am a Strategy, Communications & Insights professional absolutely fascinated by building great brands. In fact, I have been doing so for more than 23 years with the same levels of wild passion since day one. Over time, Ι have served brands from every imaginable angle: in Agencies & Client-side positions, across drastically different geographies, working environments, business needs and cultural contexts.

Totally at home in very varied roles, I have worn the hats of the Researcher, Advertising Strategist, Branding & Design Consultant, Innovation/R&D Champion and Marketer. Immersion in diversity and cross-pollination running wild have drastically shaped my scope of capabilities, depth of thinking, synthesis capacity and dimensionality of output.

Naturally inquisitive and resourceful, with an irresistible desire to understand and explain, I find inspiration and thrive in complexity and challenge. With a rare combination of academic interests and commercial astuteness, pop culture immersion and no-nonsense business resolve, unbridled creativity and analytical robustness, I bring the best of many worlds to the table, helping brands grow and prosper.

My verbal identity work includes (but is not limited to) naming, taglines & descriptors, quality texts and high-level copywriting for any application.


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