Mighty Few is an independent design studio focused on identity and brand development. We strive for honest, meaningful solutions that are rooted in pride and discovered together. We could manufacture an elaborate design philosophy that we claim applies to every project or client, but the truth is, we take pride in being a nimble team that is constantly adapting our approach to each client’s real needs. We are focused, multi-skilled creatives with a passion for creating unique solutions that produce positive results. As such, we love partnering with like-minded brands – those obsessive about what they do and about getting where they want to go. Our size is our strength. We provide a focused approach to every design challenge and a compact team that is always reachable. We are the project managers and the workers. The client’s voice is always heard because they are dealing directly with the people building the brand. We feel the same desire and pressure as our clients to get to that perfect solution because we are entirely invested at every step.


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