Fresh Design Proudly Made In Singapore
Mojo Red is a home-grown Singaporean company with a strong understanding of the market and its needs. We know our clients and their customers, and we know how to communicate brand values across media. Our greatest love and passion is packaging design, supported by our extended capabilities in branding, re-branding, point-of-sale (POS) collateral, and digital imaging — to provide a full suite of services in every packaging project.

The extra mile, with the best ideas for your brand
At Mojo Red, we’re obsessed with, and passionate about, great design. That’s why we don’t stop until we’ve developed the most complete and detailed solutions which meet our high quality standards. Our clients are individuals and companies who want full expression of their goals and ideas, and we work with them to create innovative and interesting design that inspires and excites us.

Core expertise in packaging design
Mojo Red is wholly focused on creating extensive packaging solutions for our clients. We’re experts and specialists in packaging design and it’s what we do all day, every day. With domain expertise in this field, we walk our clients through the entire process from inspiration to manifestation — from the moment we start generating ideas, to the market launch.

Practical, strategic advice
At Mojo Red, we believe it is important to offer innovative packaging design solutions that not only engage brand and consumer, but also designed realistically for production.

Good packaging design is good business.
What makes a customer stop, pick up a product and interact with it? What makes a customer decide to purchase that product? What makes product packaging stand out on crowded shelves, and what makes a customer pick one product over so many others? How do we inspire customers to take these concrete, measurable actions? Why do some products remain in customers’ minds, and occupy more market share?

At Mojo Red, we have multiple answers and insights that address these questions. We know that good packaging is the ideal balance of design, form and function, and we understand the psychology of customers. We know how color, package utility, shapes and words can influence customer decisions. We know that almost 75% of purchases are made on impulse, which means that packaging has to create an instant emotional connection with the customer. We know that packaging has a crucial job to do for good business, and we’ve helped numerous businesses and individuals enhance their business through packaging.


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