NEOM was founded in 2009 on the basis of 20 years’ experience in Branding and Package Design, alongside the major companies in the Italian and international market.
We created the agency to express our most important values: creativity, strategy and relationship.

Barbara, Stefano and Giacomo: we are the agency’s founders and administrators.
We work with the best specialists: we have a consolidated network of experienced designers, copywriters, illustrators, photographers, architects, printers and webmasters.
On the strength of this experience, we have created a working method that makes us a point of reference for those who believe in communication as an investment able to generate wealth.

Each one of us is unique, as are all the companies and brands. We each have our own characteristic talent, values and qualities, making each of us different from everyone else.
Success depends on the ability to recognise this difference in oneself, and on the quality of the communication to transmit it to others, creating true Visions.

We believe that excellence is obtained by maintaining a high level of quality at each single passage, element or person, from the briefing to the final production. The cooperation of the team is essential.


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