We’re a creative design consultancy with 30 years experience helping brands through the commercial jungle by delivering intelligently crafted design solutions.

An in-depth understanding of retail environments is what differentiates P&W. We always consider brands in context, thinking about the broader market, store environment and customer experience, which results in award winning designs that meet commercial goals.

Founding Partners Simon Pemberton and Adrian Whitefoord believe success comes from client collaboration and a spirit of trust which leads to meaningful and often long term relationships with major national and international companies such as: Tesco, Ferrero, Tata Global Beverages, Secoma and Healthy Sales Group.

Our strong multi-disciplinary team is highly skilled, motivated and passionate about design. Whether it is packaging, POS, digital media or print, P&W can enhance brand communication and maximise potential!

Don’t be shy; get in touch with our Business Development Manager, Holly (holly@p-and-com), to discuss your brands specific needs!


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