Seek simplicity is the most complex thing a brand can do. And that requires great effort, learning and above all perseverance. But it’s when a brand gets this result is that identification with your audience arrives at its climax. The Simpl. is a studio specializing in graphic design with focus on packaging design, based in Santa Catarina, Brazil. Founded in 2016 by Thiago Ranielli, the studio is trying to make the process more pleasant design, practical and fluid in all process chains, and for everyone involved, always seeking to evolve especially in language with customers and suppliers.

We at Simpl. Studio know that when there is the need to design for a brand, product or service, this is a crucial moment of its existence, and involves a number of complex and making important decisions that will affect the life and future of the brand. The Simpl. it has the mission to make this process less intimidating with simple, clear and dynamic processes. The essence of the studio is an experience of uncomplicated design, without ignoring the professionalism and responsibility that project requires. This is the Simpl. and that’s what we believe.


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