A global supplier of innovative packaging solutions. Delivering on the promise – engaging with you in a different way to understand your needs.
Become the acknowledged leader in high quality, innovative, value-creating packaging solutions that satisfy the customer.
Company Overview
You probably don’t know it, but you’ve been using Sonoco packaging products and services for years. Just like Drew Carey said on the Price is Right, “I just love the Chips Ahoy cookie packages!” Sonoco also makes popular packages for M&M’s, Pringles Potato Crisps, flexible brick packs for coffee, biodegradable planters and so much more!

Sonoco has been around since 1899, with our headquarters in the same small town of Hartsville, S.C., and a global reach of 19,900 employees at over 340 locations in 35 countries. Last year (2012) the Company reached $4.8 billion in sales.


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