We don’t try to sell to clients. Its not that we didn’t ever try- there were Coupon Books, Girl Scout Cookies, Band Candy and many more. We were horrible at it. Maybe because all we could think of was trying to get rid of  the stuff. We didn’t know then that people don’t like to be sold. Turns out people don’t just buy things, they buy into them. People aren’t easily fooled. But they are easily befriended. So when we go to work, we don’t try to make a sale, we try to make a friend, because friends are fun. They’re trustworthy. And when push comes to shove, who would you rather do business with, a stranger or a friend? That is why what we do works so well. Because it’s not about us, it’s about
our friends. And in the end, we don’t have to try to sell anything. Good thing, because we were never any good at it!


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