Jordan Jelev – the Labelmaker* is an Award winning wine label designer based in Varna, Bulgaria.
Unlike many other agencies or artists lost in an ocean of industry, the Labelmaker is 100% focused on wine, spirits and beer sectors. His work is his passion, devotion and life philosophy:
“My life is not just a string of days following one after another – I live in dedication and I am fully devoted to my passion in creating diverse and outstanding designs that will be an important step in making your product a bestseller.
My experience as a wine label designer began more than 15 years ago – in that time I have successfully created a considerable amount of premium brands – most of them later recognized as some of the icons of Bulgaria’s Wine and Spirits industry. In developing strong and professional visual solutions, I have helped my customers gain popularity, increase sales, and as a result, a return of their investment.
I thrive on open communication and my work process is simple, flexible and I welcome your ideas. While fusing the classic method of creating art with digital technology, I set out to create unique, one-of-kind brands. Typography and calligraphy have a very special place on my wine label designs and they are one of the keystones of my professional success.
This is my short story and philosophy – the rest is hard work, knowledge, skills and experience, innovation and a competitive spirit. Being a wine label designer is not just fun and passion – it is a great responsibility.”

* Author of probably the best Bulgarian wine labels Jordan Jelev received “the Labelmaker” nickname which eventually turned into his own signature and personal brand.


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