“The morning after, when he stepped outside, Jack saw an amazing sight.
A gigantic beanstalk, reaching far into the clouds, had grown overnight”

It all started with a few beans…The Magic Beans.

Every idea is like a seed that we strive to take to great heights. With an industry experience of over 10 years, we at The Magic Beans Design Studio bring ideas to life, with a solid combination of thought and aesthetics, all delivered with uncompromising service.

We are not looking to just collaborate, but to partner with you, to deliver the highest standard of quality, originality and commitment.

Our founders Mona, Jahanvi and Darshan have known each other for over 3 decades. They shared the same playground in primary, middle, and high school and even received their BFA degrees from the same art college.

This has helped shape a rapport where their strengths have come together to create a rare synergy that results in mindful, impactful, and result-oriented design solutions.

While their individual approach to work is very different (read more visual vs. more verbose), the one thing that they have in common is their vision and personal commitment towards excellence for the work that they do.

Together, they have worked with over 100+ clients and counting.


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