We are Vibe, a creative studio specialised in photo-realistic computer generated imagery. Our team has been seamlessly blending 3D rendered elements with traditional photography for many years having a great eye for aesthetics, gathered in disciplines as diverse as model making, product design and branding.

We break the boundaries and redefine creativity. Proposing new branding strategies with modern methods, we provide a multidisciplinary experience by always considering bespoke 3D services, CGI and animation.

Our clients
We really enjoy working within the manufacturing and retail sectors. There are always some great opportunities to bring to life ideas and concepts and later develop them into well known brands and products. Unlike the majority of other studios CGI isn’t something we’ve adapted to, it’s been our key focus from the very beginning.

Our work
There are numerous ways to get a ‘almost there’ solution. The major difference in our approach is that we don’t use any of them. We’ve spend time to studying materials, lighting and traditional photography and we’ like to think this shows in our work. We pride ourselves with a photographic and realistic approach to product visualisation.


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