Printable Gift Packaging and More

Either you are preparing for the holidays, making gifts or party favors, or need a complimenting look for your Etsy shop products, Weijcke Packaging offers a wide range of packaging solutions for almost everything that you can put in a box: just think of some delicious cupcakes, chocolate treats and cookies, or a jar of jummy homemade marmalade, or perhaps of some gentle jewelry pieces, or eco-friendly soy wax candles, or funny decorated mugs…

We have great box templates made for instant download that you can simply print on paper and cut out by scisors, X-Acto knife or a cutting machine. They come in PDF, SVG and DXF formats so that you can reshape the designs as needed.

Not very sure that you would like to do rescaling and resizing yourself? We have a custom box adjustment service!

Not very sure that your hand will be happy to deal with cutting of a number of boxes? We have a custom box cutting service!

Have a sketch, prototype, or just a plain idea of what you need, but can’t find a template for this in our store? We have a custom design service: just let us know and our experienced packaging engineer will build for you a box from scratch!


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