Young Shang, one of Asia’s leaders in the design and development of PET solutions for a variety of sectors. has released a range of PET jars specifically designed for hot-fill lines, especially for food products. As the included video demonstrates, when subjected to high temperatures, standard PET tends to deform, becoming useless, while Young Shang’s heat-resistant range remains exactly as it should. The heat-resistant jars are crystallized so that they can withstand the high levels of heat required by many hot-fill products. Much like windshield glass on cars, the jars are tempered and heat- treated so they’re much stronger than average PET containers. The special neck on the heat-resistant containers is also tempered, and specifically designed to ensure the neck of the jar doesn’t warp when heat is applied. Nowadays, many food products need to be placed into containers while still hot to save time. Traditionally, most of these products have gone into glass, due to that material’s ability to be sterilized easily and withstand high temperatures. Glass, however, isn’t the best choice as a material to be used with portable products, as it is fragile. Parents on the go with babies are a good example, and a great fit for heat-resistant PET packaging. Baby food, like many purees, is filled hot, but having it in PET means it’s easier to take about and enjoy on holidays or when visiting friends and family. Regardless of the sort of food product contained, Young Shang’s heat-resistant jars offer a better solution for companies seeking to market a food product in a contemporary, easy-to-use vessel!


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